House with Multiple Occupancies Application

Mandatory Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation
Part 2 Housing Act 2004

Please Note:
The Council will endeavour to issue a licence as soon as possible after you have submitted all relevant documents with your application. While this should take no longer than 12 weeks, we anticipate large volumes of applications and some configuration of the licensing system is to be finalised from October to November 2018 causing delays. Please note that if for any reason the licence has not been issued during the 12 week period, tacit consent does not apply and no licence will be automatically authorised or issued. The applicant will be contacted before the end of the 12 week period with an anticipated timescale.
Here you can apply for a new licence for a house in multiple occupation, or to renew an existing licence.

If you are the person controlling or managing a property with shared amenities, which has five or more occupants from two or more households, occupying the property as their only or main residence and paying rent, you will need to apply for a HMO licence. This covers properties of one, two or more storeys from 1 October 2018, but purpose built flats in blocks of three or more purpose built flats are excluded.

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Resume a previous application

Your licence application will be completed online. There are public access computer terminals available at City Hall. There are pop-up information boxes as you work through the application to help you. If you require further information or assistance you may contact the Private Housing Team at or on 01522 873787, 01522 873806.